So let’s talk about obesity.

Alexei Sorokin
3 min readJan 27, 2023

There was this essay today in the New York Times:

I re-read it twice and didn’t understand much. Anti-fat bias, a weight-inclusive approach, and so on. But I get the gist of it: let’s be very careful discussing and combating “obesity”.

I already wrote about this topic:

I’m not here to judge people struggling with weight. Indeed there are many circumstances that result in weight gain. Besides, we all struggle with something. I’m all proud of my lean weight and running ninety miles a week but I have other problems and struggles. Someone “obese” can be much sounder in their mind and life more generally.

However, I do want to discuss the fucking hypocrisy of “guidelines”. Sorry, not sorry for injecting the f word.

Mask mandates?

Vaccine mandates?

Careful about using the word obesity?

How about sticking a label on every aisle with processed and sugary foods and on…



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