Umair, I get notified of your stories. They are gloom porn. Addictive. Disgusting, unreal but addictive. I’m an immigrant in the US, a minority, a struggling and often failing entrepreneur. I just got my green card. Happiness. I got immense help from the government over the last 18 months and was able to deal with my family’s hardships. My kids go to great — free — schools. We’re all vaccinated. They are exposed to diversity in its every form and shape. They are, we are chasing our dreams, in entrepreneurship, in sports, in education, in living the lives we can be proud of. There are more trivial things too. We’ve had to leave our oldest son, a teenager, on his own for a week or two, while travelling. He ran out of food. So we used Amazon to order some groceries. They arrived within a couple of hours. Thanks Jess Bezos. You’re not perfect, none of us are, but you’ve created some cool things. Look around you, Umair. The world is not coming to an end. Go for a run maybe. Rethink. Stop painting the world in black and white. Love

A Russian in America, father of 4, Cambridge and Harvard Business School alum. I write every day, like I run every day. I write on different topics.