Things I wish were different in the world

Alexei Sorokin
2 min readDec 10, 2021

I know most of these are not actionable or realistic, but imagine! Like in John Lennon’s song!

  • No visas and restrictions on travel. No family ever facing separation. No walls! No individual unable to visit another country for education, travel, work, or life.
  • Probably less “patriotism” of any kind. It’s fine to love your place but it’s kind of related to the above — in a truly mobile and global world, there would be less of the “born in the USA” swagger (such a cheap and cheesy song Bruce Springsteen — yikes!)
  • Less political labels. Left, right, liberal, conservative, republican, central, and so on. I’ve always struggled with how people are bucketed and labeled in these simplistic ways. It’s possible to be “liberal”, yet to be on the “right” for a particular issue.
  • No capital punishment. I don’t think it has a place in the modern world. Let me be very graphic about this. I might as well since I’m throwing all these big ideals. If a criminal slaughters my family, I will not want him executed.
  • Free healthcare, no strings attached. Being alive and healthy should never be a privilege. Being alive is the single most precious attribute of our existence. Well, there is no existence without being alive.
  • People never celebrating anyone’s death. Bin Laden is a monster. But seeing people celebrate his death or someone else’s is ugly. Every human being is someone else’s child; once they were a sweet baby with a chance of living a happy and peaceful life. I feel that how some lives turn out ugly and violent is a scar for the entire humanity and it’s the pain we should be feeling, not the joy.
  • No Black Fridays. I’m kind of joking, but I’m not. How the modern capitalist economy creates — purposefully — occasions for people to storm places and devour everything on their way like they are a herd of pigs is disgusting.
  • People killing less of other species. I don’t mean to go too broad with this point and tie it to climate change. I’m referring to people hunting animals for fun or financial gain.



Alexei Sorokin

A Russian immigrant in America, father of 4, Cambridge and Harvard Business School alum. I run and write every day.