There is fear about what Putin will announce or do on May 9th and it’s justified

Alexei Sorokin
3 min readMay 3, 2022

I wish these videos below had English subtitles so Western folks get a sense of the absolutely insane and ever-escalating degree of propaganda in Russia. I could translate them but I don’t want to spend a minute of my time processing this fascist pro-war diarrhea. I already wasted time watching these videos. The problem is that it’s almost impossible not to watch. It’s so repulsive, so idiotic, so evil you’re drawn into watching it and wondering: how can this be?

Note — these episodes come from Russia’s main TV channel. The words are spoken not by some freak guests but by Russia’s most prominent presenters.

In this one, the guy talks (and there is a visual) about Russia’s nukes (including the alleged underwater ones) sinking the “small island” of Britain in its entirety.

In this one, Margarita Simonyan (head of Russia Today) talks with a smile on her face about how Russia and Putin are left with no choice but to launch a nuclear war. There are subtitles in this one:

In this one a prominent Soviet-era film-maker says (well, I am translating after all): those against the letter Z [the pro-war symbol in Russia] will have no mercy. Everything will be serious: concentration camps, rehab, sterilization. Yes, I translated that right — the anti-war folks are threatened with sterilization.

It’s truly insane. I am not naive and understand the role of propaganda in Russia’s politics. But this ugliness — I can’t find the right terms to describe it. Idiotism? Evil?

This was a prelude to my note about the role of May 9th. There is no direct connection between…



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