I signed up for another marathon in a month. Riding the wave.

Alexei Sorokin
4 min readApr 8

Three years ago, I started one of my life’s greatest journeys. Running was always a hobby, but I wasn’t different from thousands, probably millions of running enthusiasts. Then something happened in the spring of 2020, the “pandemic” year. What exactly happened? I’m trying to remember, to reminisce, but I can’t put my finger on it — why did I decide to run more? What made me think I could become very good? There is this cool memory:

But I can’t attribute my journey to a single event or reason.

In the course of six months, between the spring of that year and the fall, I lost 25 pounds. I ran more, started to lose weight, and ran even more because I felt much lighter and faster. I educated myself on different types of running. It helped that my oldest son was knowledgeable about running — he had dropped tennis and switched to running at high school.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been running every day for two and half years now. I ran last night, and I already ran this morning. When I finish my long run tomorrow, I will have run eight-five miles this week. Sixty three as of now, on Saturday:

I got this lovely Garmin watch in June 2020, so it will be three years soon. I’ve run eight thousand miles in total and later this year will hit 10,000:

I improved my marathon time from just under 3 hours in October 2021 (my first sub-three) to 2.46 two months ago.

I wasn’t planning to run another marathon until the end of the year — I signed up for California International Marathon in December. Some runners do several…

Why do I get so annoyed by patronizing sobriety stories?

I ran ten miles in under an hour. It took eight thousand miles to prepare.

I’m ready for my marathon. Ready to surrender.

I’ve been eating spirulina. Will it help me run better?

My sub 2.45 marathon: my best, happiest race so far. Getting faster with age. You can too.

I think every human, every kid is a potential athlete. EVERY.

My 90-mile week in running. In pursuit of excellence and in defiance of goal setting.

The trick is to keep running (and writing?)

So let’s talk about obesity.

I will never fall out of love with these…

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