My ten favorite foods and drinks

Alexei Sorokin
3 min readAug 3, 2022

I was going to title this story “My favorite… ranked…”, but I would’ve struggled with the ranking thing.


  1. Coffee. I want to note — I really don’t consider myself a coffee addict. I don’t drink coffee to stay awake or alert. In fact, if I feel like taking a nap, I can drink five cups of coffee and will still take my nap. I can drink coffee before going to bed at night and I will fall asleep. But when I wake up in the morning and brew my coffee… oh, it’s so so enjoyable. Black, no milk, no sugar, no nothing. I have 3–5 cups.
  2. Beer. I love my beer (a hazy IPA) after running! I run every day, so I have a beer every day! Kind of like my coffee. I wake up every day, and when I wake up, I want my coffee! I run every day, so I have a beer…
  3. Arugula. Pretty self-explanatory. Arugula! I fill my plate with arugula, pour olive oil, and add salt, also a bit of vinegar or balsamic glaze; sometimes a little parmesan cheese too.
  4. White wine. I’m not a fan of red wine. After a can of beer, I like a glass of chilled Chardonnay!
  5. Oats. I don’t like cooking so I go for instants Oats. With milk or more recently I’ve been switching to boiled water. Add almonds and honey.
  6. Honey, different kinds. I can eat it with a spoon to satisfy my craving for sugar and I add it to oats and greek yogurt.
  7. Oranges. The best snack ever. I always keep oranges at home and if I need a snack when traveling I get oranges — at a gas station, at a grocery store or I take some from home.
  8. Sprouts and spinach. I’m cheating here. Putting two vegetables together. Roasted or baked sprouts are one of my favorite dishes. However, sprouts need to be cooked. That takes time. Spinach is like arugula. Add olive oil, salt, and pepper, and enjoy. Cooking time — one minute.
  9. Eggs. Boring and trivial but I eat a lot of eggs. I like them boiled, I like them fried. They are nutritious. I barely eat meat so eggs are my go-to everyday protein. Actually, if one item from this list is to go away, it’ll probably be eggs. My nutrition is increasingly plant-based. For now, however, I keep eating eggs.
  10. Protein snack bars. Processed food, not great. But I find them highly convenient. They satisfy my hunger so I don’t overeat, they are sweet enough without being too sugary. For example, right now I have these ones from Costco:

Here’s what my arugula dinner looks like:

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