My go-to music album when I go for a walk, when I do the dishes, when I fall asleep

Alexei Sorokin
2 min readAug 4, 2022

I wrote about it before. But my Medium journey was just starting then, in the fall of 2021, so I doubt any of my current followers would’ve read that story.

Thank you my dear daughter for this treasure! Well, I guess I was still the one to introduce you to this artist in the first place. ’Cause my love of pop music knows no limits. But you picked it up and now we both listened to this beautiful music.

Like I said — my love of pop music knows no limits. I love all genres. I’m an eternal fan of Radiohead and I can appreciate a catchy tune by Justin Bieber. In some parallel universe, I’m a music producer discovering young artists who then become famous. Many years ago I heard a song by Twenty-One Pilots and was stunned. They’re now big. In December of 2015 I was in awe by David Bowie’s Black Star and posted this on my Facebook:

A week or two later David Bowie died. I appreciated his legend while he was still alive.

So this evening I went for a run and I listened to music. This story is not about that. I have my playlist on shuffle when I run. I listened to a lot of songs during my 11.5-mile run.

Then I got home and had dinner. Then I decided to walk to a local store because I wanted … some white wine. A glass or two of cold Chardonnay in the evening is what coffee for me in the morning.

While I walked I played this album — I always play it when I go for a walk.

Sometimes I go to sleep with my headphones — this album plays.

Because it’s a masterpiece.

Never-ever do I get tired of it.

There is one song, in particular, I can have on repeat forever.

Invisible String

Betty is awesome too. Sentimental coming of age masterpiece.

And Seven — amazing.

The album is Folklore by Taylor Swift.

“Bad was the blood of the song in the cab
On your first trip to LA”

Damn, everywhere I’m finding something about California.

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