I used to pray as a child. No longer

There was no religion in the Soviet Union, or let’s say very little. The Bolsheviks worked hard to eradicate it and in the 1960s Khrushchev reassured, “Gagarin flew into space and didn’t see God”. Many churches and cathedrals had been destroyed by the Soviet regime, although some remained and stood quietly to see their light of day. Some would later be rebuilt, like Christ the Savior Cathedral. It was demolished by Stalin in 1931 and a huge open-air swimming pool was put in its place. I remember it — my Dad and I used to go there on weekends. It was perfectly round, steamy, and crowded, with…



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Alexei Sorokin

A Russian immigrant in America, father of 4, Cambridge and Harvard Business School alum. I run and write every day.