One summer my daughter can win Wimbledon and I - the London marathon in my age group

Alexei Sorokin
3 min readJan 27, 2022

There is discomfort in announcing your dreams or goals. You’re supposed to stay silent and humble, work hard and then celebrate your wins as they happen; when you win you tell the journalists how you’ve dreamed of this moment; how hard you’ve worked for it.

But hey — away with superstitions and fears. On with the show. On with the dreams. What do I stand to lose? In the worst case, a decade later I might look at this story and think how silly and naive I was. So what.

I think it’s possible. My daughter Taisiya is young but she’s good. She works hard. She likes the sport. We, as a family, are working hard. We’ve been and are continuing to go through a lot of challenges because of the tennis dream. My wife — she used to play in her younger years — works relentlessly with Taisiya, day after day. We had to separate, at least temporarily, so that Taisiya has a near-perfect environment for her tennis. My wife moved to Florida a couple of months with our three kids and I have to live in California with our oldest son — we didn’t want to disrupt him in his final two years of high school. And he has his own dreams — he loves running and wants to improve in the coming months to run for college.

I love running! I mean I really love running. It’s becoming more than a hobby. It’s a passion and the fire is burning! I want to become really good. I want to inspire others. I recently had the privilege of getting to know the London marathon winner in the 55+ age group (read here). He ran his first marathon at 50 and at 56 won London in 2 hours 38 min. I’m pretty good at 41! Most of my improvement happened in the last year and a half. So I feel I can improve a lot. And about inspiring others, check this out:

This running boot camp was started by my wife a couple of years ago — she coached a group of tennis kids (my daughter was part of it) and twice a week they’d have a running session. Then other kids joined, not only the ones doing tennis. Now that my wife left California, I am continuing her effort. I’m loving it.

So there — my daughter has the potential to be the best in the world. I think I have the potential to be a world-class runner as I age. These are ambitious goals. So what? A lot of…

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