I hope my kids are not reading this

Alexei Sorokin
2 min readNov 4, 2022

It’d be awkward if they did. I know they know I write on Medium and they read some of my stories.

Well, some of my professional contacts read my stories too. It’s a little awkward, but hey…


I drafted two stories in recent days. One was about learning English by listening to pop music (lately I’ve been listening to a lot to Taylor Swift’s latest album!). The second one was about running. There can never be anger in runners! I will complete and publish both stories, eventually.

Tonight I was in the middle of finishing the second story when it didn’t feel right to publish it. Why? Because it wasn’t what was on my mind.

What was on my mind?

Well, a lot of things are on my mind at any given point in time.

Today though…

Last night my wife and I made love.

When you’re twenty-three years together, your lovemaking is not as frequent (obviously!) as when you are young.

But the passion is still there, the attraction, the love, the attachment, the precious intimacy.

Then at six in the morning, my dear wife was the first one to wake up. She started cuddling. At first, I pretended I was all asleep. Actually, I had a bad night. My stomach felt upset in the middle of the night so my sleep was troubled for a couple of hours.



Alexei Sorokin

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