Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at Navalny’s funeral

Alexei Sorokin
4 min readMar 2, 2024

Today Navalny was buried to Frank Sinatra’s My Way from the final moments of Terminator 2.

The comments section to the song on YouTube is becoming a digital mural where many Russians are expressing their remembrance of Navalny.

This version too:

The word ‘sad’ doesn’t describe the sense of sorrow that the image of Navalny’s dead body evokes. Bigger than life. Then Death shrinks it all — the largeness of life, life, and body. Or does it? There is history in this image. It’s for the ages. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just a fleeting moment that reminds of how everything ends.

Image from CNN

I want to address several commentators spewing degrading comments related to Navalny’s character. You don’t get what Navalny meant for modern Russia. Yes, he can be criticized for the nationalistic colors of his ideals, especially in the earlier years of his campaigning. But they never defined his life’s work. He fought against Putin and the incredibly corrupt regime he created. He wanted a free and democratic Russia.

No one’s perfect. Show me a politician or historical figure with an untainted legacy.

As a Russian, I know. I was still in Russia during the protests of 2011–2013, when Navalny emerged as a prominent opposition figure. I know how he built his ‘brand’ and what appealed to the Russians who found a new hope in his figure. I didn’t join the protests — I was too busy with family and work. But I belong to the generation who had a deep respect for his bravery and…



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