Do not grow indifferent to Ukraine’s suffering, to Putin’s unthinkable evil.

Alexei Sorokin
3 min readJul 14, 2022

It sinks in, I know. Life goes on. I know the feeling. I experience it.

Still, every now and then I’m reminded of the tragedy and it doesn’t sink in. My heart sinks. I’m grateful to my Mom for being the “compass” that always points in the right direction. Nothing “sinks in” for her, even though she’s now in a comfortable environment — in America, with us. She left Russia for good. It wasn’t easy for her but she could never come to terms with living with murderers.

I’m not being emotional. We have relatives in Ukraine. Some quotes from them:

Today (hence this story:) “It’s good that I can take my dear Platosha [child] with me. It’s of course difficult to work, but we have food and there is a bomb shelter nearby. At least my heart doesn’t break because he’s with me.”

From them a couple of months ago:

“ Sirens. We hear explosions. We don’t know much. We hear on the outskirts of the city, four kilometers away from us, [Russia’s] special forces landed, there is a battle”

“When sirens go off, my baby cries: “Mom, please not the basement again.”

Sometimes there are real conversations. My late grandfather’s sister lives in the city of Vinnytsia. My Mom’s very close to her dad’s family. I was right next to my Mom when was speaking to her “Tetya” (Auntie) Zina. The connection wasn’t great but it was a video call. My mom was on her Ipad. Tetya Zina was crying. “So many people are dying, so many young people are dying. Why? Why? We don’t move well anymore, we can’t go anywhere, so we close our windows, we make it look completely dark.”

Sometimes there are no messages. My stepdad’s family is Zaporozhye, which is now occupied by the Russians. They are no longer connected to their cellular network. Once every two months, we manage to get through to them. They are quiet and timid. We are alive, they say. Not much of a conversation.




There is a famous Russian adult cartoon series Masyana (

Watch their latest episode. You can change the settings to see the subtitles in English. Watch to the end if you’re patient enough.

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