Beds are overrated. They’re scam.

Alexei Sorokin
2 min readOct 2, 2022

Many years ago, when I was doing better financially, we bought a king-size bed at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It cost around two or three thousand dollars. For a couple of years, it lived in our condo in downtown Miami that we rented out. Then we sold the apartment and arranged for the movers to ship our bed to our home in Russia. On its journey, it got stuck at some port. It was in one of the Baltic countries. I forget the details. We had a conflict with the moving company.

We eventually got our bed. Then we moved it back to the US when we left Russia in 2013. This bed was then moved across several houses and states. Its foundation is broken. There is a wooden plank in the middle and it is cracked in the center and where it gets attached with big screws to the sides of the bed. My stepdad managed to fix it somehow. He got a whole new piece of wood from Home Depot and inserted a new part somewhere in the bed’s structure.

The bed is fine. It has a history. I’ve just managed to write a couple of paragraphs about it! It’s an integral part of our master bedroom, no matter we move. Currently most of my family in Florida.

This is our dog Astra occupying this bed.

This past year I’ve had to live in a small apartment with our oldest son who’s in his senior year at highshool in California.

This is how I sleep:

My sleep on this matress — I think it’s from Ikea—is of the highest quality, notwithstanding my bad habit of checking my phone in the middle of the night. No broken planks, no creaking sounds. Cozy, soft, cheap.

So I’m thinking beds are overrated. All you need is a mattress. It’s not because I’m cheap or ascetic. But isn’t it stupid to spend money on the actual bed frame? No additional comfort whatsoever.

And if you can’t have passionate sex on a mattress, no bed frame will help!

But perhaps Astra does prefer to rest and think about life on a real bed, instead of a mattress.

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