August and everything after (do I have nostalgia?)

Alexei Sorokin
3 min readSep 23, 2023

Today, on social media, I saw that August and Everything After by Counting Crows is thirty years old. I don’t need a special “listen” of this album — it’s on my playlist, and its songs come up all the time when I drive or run. Oh, well, today, after seeing the thirtieth anniversary, I did have a special listen of August and Everything After. I played it in its entirety. It’s not just the hits that don’t tire. Anna Begins is one of my favorite songs.

I have such warm memories about this record. I came to the US for the first time in June of 1994. I was fourteen.

Did I have the best time of my life in the summer of 1994? Absolutely not. I suffered from anxiety. From Moscow to Kansas… I was a shy teenager from Russia.

When August and Everything After came out in the fall of 1993, I was already deeply in love with Western pop music, even though I was still in Moscow, but I don’t remember listening to Counting Crows before I arrived in the US.

In the summer of 1994, however, as I was settling down in Wichita, Kansas, this album played on every radio station, and VH1 seemed to play Round Here on repeat.

I loved my first year in America, despite all that anxiety and shyness.

It was so… American. Kansas and Oklahoma, attending high school in Oklahoma, and staying with a host family whom I love dearly to this very date.

My parents were in Russia. The nineties were a messy epoch in Russia, but I don’t have dark…



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