America’s most authentic city (in my experience!)

Alexei Sorokin
4 min readMay 4, 2022

I’m about to revisit it in the new few days, hence this note.

I was there with my wife in December 2014. Maybe the memories are extra special because it was an extremely rare occasion when we were on our own, without our four kids. My mom was visiting from Russia then so we were able to arrange this sweet retreat from our home in Northern California.

“Romanic” doesn’t describe it. It was a little wild! We ended up having a very buzzy night with quite a lot of alcohol and … sex. And it wasn’t just because we’d escaped the forever rushed and noisy environment of our home. It was because the place we were visiting called for it — eating, drinking, music, making love! In fact, when in the morning we walked out of our hotel, our heads a little heavy, I was stunned to see people walking with cocktails and beers already in the morning.

Look at this photo. There is music and fun even when you…

But it wasn’t just about having fun. We walked a lot too and did a few sightseeing tours. It was so-so authentic, so fascinating.

And the food was absolutely amazing. I personally don’t get excited about eating out. I see most restaurants or fancy food items as overrated. But in this place, the food was special too. Authentic!

Here are some pictures before I reveal the place:



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